Public Works Projects Update

Good2Great w_2020 roads

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Due to delays related to the worldwide pandemic this year, there are some adjustments to this project map. Area No. 19 has been expanded south of Ecorse Road, to Charles Street. Area No. 20, in the southwest corner, will begin in Spring 2021. Pardee Road, between Superior and Goddard, will undergo construction in 2021. Racho Road, between Eureka and Pennsylvania, was added to this year's projects and will be completed during Fall 2020.

G2G Neighborhood Program, road resurfacing underway

The third year of the Good to Great Neighborhood Program kicked off in May, in the area between Beech Daly, Ecorse and the I-94 freeway. This neighborhood is the first of seven different portions of the City scheduled for G2G work in 2020. 

The Good to Great campaign targets a certain “neighborhoods” in the community for complete improvements – streets, sidewalks, tree trimming, signage, sewers, etc. Police representatives even take time to meet with the public in the targeted locations to exchange information in a relaxed setting. Often, the parks in certain locations are improved.

This year’s G2G areas will roll out as follows:

Area No. 14: The area between Beech Daly, Ecorse, and the I-94 freeway

Area No. 15: The neighborhoods between Beech Daly, Van Born, Telegraph and I-94.  When this area is finished, G2G will have completed the entire section of the City north of the freeway

Area No. 16: The neighborhoods surrounding Taylor Parks Elementary School bordered by Allen, Ecorse, Monroe and the Wabash Railroad line.

Area No. 17: The neighborhoods defined by Telegraph, Beverly, Ecorse and Pardee

Area No. 18: The Ames Highway neighborhood bordered by Telegraph, Ecorse, Troy and Beverly

Area No. 19: The neighborhoods between Charles, Beech Daly, Cherokee and Taylor Meadows GC

Area No. 20 (Start delayed until Spring 2021): The southwest area between Beech Daly, Inkster, Pennsylvania and Eureka.

Roadwork continues

Currently, major work is being completed on Pardee, between Eureka Road and Superior; and Racho, between Eureka and Pennsylvania.

Street sweeping

The City of Taylor’s fall street sweeping program will begin October 5 and run through November.  The City sweeps all of its street twice annually, in the spring and fall.


Week 1: Major roads

Week 2/3/4: Residential streets throughout Taylor


Week 1: Reserved for missed areas for delays

Week 2: Major roads

Week 3/4/5: Residential streets throughout Taylor

Note: November 12, 22 and 23 are off days.