Taylor Animal Shelter Fee Schedule (adopted April 2018)

This is the fees schedule for the Taylor Animal Shelter as adopted by City Council in April 2018.
Service Fee
Adoption fee (sterilized) $50
Adoption fee (non-sterilized) $85
Sterilization refund $30
Pound fee (first day) $30
Pound fee (each additional day) $35
Quarantine fee (per day) $50
Resident Drop off fee No charge
Euthanization fee (resident, must be 55 & over) $100
Euthanization fee (non-resident, must be 55 & over) $175
This is the fee schedule for the Taylor Animal Shelter as adopted by City Council in April 2018.
License Service
Sterilized $10
Non-sterilized $30
Senior Fee (sterilized) $5
Senior Fee (non-sterilized) $10
Replacement Tag (sterilized) $5
Replacement Tag (non-sterilized) $10

Payment in credit/debit card only.

Licenses run the calendar year. Licenses for the new year can be purchased at the Animal Shelter starting mid-December each year. You can get a license from the shelter from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

Licenses are low cost. License service offers the following fees:

  • $10 for a sterilized pet; $30 for non-sterilized
  • $5 senior fee for sterilized pet; $10 senior fee for non-sterilized
  • $5 for replacement tag (sterilized); $10 for replacement tag (non-sterilized)

Payment is by credit/debit card only. Once everything is complete, you will receive your license and a paper copy.

Euthanization services are only offered by appointment only. Owners must be 55 & over.

Adoption fees, per the above schedule, were changed in April 2018 to reflect the fact that our shelter is now vaccinating animals upon intake.

Bidding on adoptable animals is rare, but does take place on certain occasions. Per City policy, if multiple adopters seek the same pet when the animal becomes available, a bidding process will take place. Bids are taken by credit, debit or preloaded money cards only - no cash or checks. Adopters must have proper ID.

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